📣MEEETLand Pro Launch

2 min readJun 9, 2023

More definitive news has finally been announced!

MEEETLand Pro will launch on Arbitrum chain between June 26th-28th.

BSC chain version will be updated simultaneously during the launch.

The specific version updates are as follows:

✅Game data on Arbitrum chain and BSC chain will be separated and not interfere with each other.

✅Art Style: BSC will continue to use orange, while ARB will adopt a blue theme.

✅Three new Factories and their items will be added:

Buildings: Pie Oven, Candy Machine, Pizza Shop

Items: Tomato Pie, Corn Pie, Soft Heart Sugar Bean, Toffee, Ketchup, Pasta Pizza, etc.

✅Fishing and Card-related Buildings will be introduced: Fishing Area, Farm Partner Base.

✅Multiple NFTs will be added, increasing the maximum power for stealing crops.

✅NFTs can be upgraded beyond level 30.

✅The attribute points of assignable NFTs obtained after farm upgrades will vary with the level.

✅Economic model adjustments

Looking forward to the launch of the new version!!!

👇👇👇Please click here to join us for more details:

DC: https://discord.gg/meeetofficial
Telegram group: https://t.me/Meeet_Official
Official website: MEEET
MEEET Official Twitter:MEEET (@MEEETOfficial) / Twitter
MEEET Standby Twitter:MEEET (@OfficialMEEET) / Twitter
Whitepaper:Overview — MEEET




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